Best SARMS for Muscle, Strength, Bulking & Cutting

Best SARMS for Muscle, Strength, Bulking & Cutting

SARMS are a growing choice in the bodybuilding and sports world. They behave in many ways like an anabolic steroid or a pro hormone, but in a more selective way.

When you use a steroid or a pro hormone you can expect it to have a wider impact on the body, along with potentially some side effects. With SARMS you will get a very good proportion of the benefits and far less to no sides. 

think of steroids as a shotgun. It fires pellets in a spraying motion and hits everything. SARMS are more like a sniper. They only impact on specific locations. The other analogy is keys and a lock. you have specific receptors in your muscle (androgen receptors) that are like locks. Androgens are the keys to those locks, opening up extra muscle and strength gains. SARMS are only able to open those locks, not anything else. They have one job.

For the best gains in muscle and strength, the stand alone SARM for this is RAD-140 (Testolone). You can of course use a stack to further enhance this, but in our view RAD offers the best gains in strength and muscle with minimal to no side effects on a dose of 20-30mg per day for 6-8 week cycle, comfortably getting you 25-30% strength gains (example if you bench press 75kg for 10, I'd expect you to be able to get to 100kg for 6 or so)

For great levels of recovery and release of Growth Hormone (GH), MK-677 is brilliant. You can also expect to see a good impact on appetite. I find this to be extremely useful if you struggle to eat enough to grow and need help there. its super effective. Growth hormone and Ghrelin (hunger hormone) are both released from the same gland in the body hence the dual impact.

For those wanting to go hard or go home, we have stacks available such as Koka Labs SARM DOMINATOR or RADICAL GROWTH that combine a few ingredients to really push things on and maximise the cycles outcome